Learning to be a show girl. She baits very well because she loves food so much!! This picture was taken the day Charlotte turned 5 months.
There's that "hands on" trait she got from her mommy!!
Sitting next to her brother Caleb who is leaning in for a kiss. She seems to not be so keen to his idea of him wanting to give her a kiss.
BAM! He kisses her!! They are both three months and ten days in these two pictures.
Three months and five days learning to be a show girl. We wanted to put this picture on her page because the sun rays were shining so pretty on her!
Standing pretty while learning to be a show girl. We liked how the sun was shining on her in this picture too!
She just likes to observe what's going on. Chunky Monkey puppy!!
"What?? You talking to me??" Serious face.
Charlotte putting her "hand" on Taylor letting her know that she wants the stick she was chewing on. Taylor is a very "hands" on girl and she has taught her puppies to be the same way. Before we know they'll be high fiving judges in the ring like Taylor did to Dr. Bill Newman one time!!
Two and a half months. Standing perfectly and showing her beautiful angles!
Looking around, but still standing perfectly!
Two months and three days. Look at those chunky legs, and that wide front!!
Six and a half weeks. She had set herself up like this for "Auntie" Teresa! Not perfect, but not bad for doing it by herself!!
Five and a half weeks with "Uncle" Rick. Charlotte's first time being stacked and she really did want to learn how to be a show girl.
Thirty three days. She is wet here from just playing in her food and water.
Charlotte "meeting" her daddy Marshall for the first time. Notice how she's sticking her tongue out at him and he seems confused why she's doing that!
Introducing one of our pick females from our October 13, 2009 litter... Charlotte!! Eleven days young here.