Why Crate Train?

Dogs in the wild live in a den which provides protection and a great deal of psychological satisfaction. Many dogs, therefore, have a strong natural tendency to seek out this type of shelter.

In your home, if your dog has no place to call their own, he or she will attempt to curl up under a table, a chair or some other choice location.

When you use a crate, you give your puppy a place to feel secure...something to get their back up against. Your puppy won't feel isolated because the pet home provides essential visibility & ventilation. Just like a baby in a playpen.

You will also be taking advantage of their natural instinct to keep him or her home clean, therefore, when your puppy has to "go" he or she will try to hold it until you can take them outside to the proper area. This will teach a schedule and help eliminate accidents.

With a crate in your home, your puppy will have fewer behavioral problems like excessive barking and chewing. But most of all, by providing a safe and secure home, he or she will be happier and more confident.

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